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Majorities  to minorities of  being below fifty percent to minorities that are a fraction of one percent. The status applies to people that are part of the system and those who are defendants.

Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, and Judges,

Law enforcement the first on the scene to see if a law is broken.  Enforcing minor thing as parking tickets, collecting taxes for money missed by the sale of individual cigarettes, and manning speed traps. Enforcing court orders, to answering calls where lives and property  are at stake ,or  backing up school administrators. Pop tart guns, and saying bang will not hurt anyone.

Prosecutors decide how a case moves forward. One of their great powers is plea bargaining. Can and do they want to build a case. A rejection of a plea bargain can make them work. What evidence is available and how deep they search is a factor. The attitude of the defendant and ideology  can have an impact.  The person doing the illegal act was scared by the sight of the gun, the gun was never fired.

The judge. A judge makes the decision or along with the prosecutor controls the evidence to be submitted and the jury to hear. Their ideology can be a factor.

Luck is a factor when it comes to judges and prosecutors,  The area of the state or section of the country is a major factor. In some areas there are mot  enough of a minority race to count, but court tactics are the same.

In the matter of individual rights the court should ask a few questions: 1… How much of a minority is the individual? 2 Is the complaint just to cause trouble?  3 Can the work or service be found else where? 4 Are you being harmed by this person or business? 5. Are you being denied something given to everyone  else. 6 Do you have to take part? Is your life threatened? 7. Is it to gain advantage or equality?

Economics is a base line for justice as a defendant. Money for fines and penalties, from  government agencies Money for appeals. Money for attorneys due to judges  postponing cases.  Fighting government takeover of property. It is the ability to pay not the amount.

Ideology can be behind the court  decisions. That ideology includes climate change, theory of creation, separation between abuse and discipline, religion and moral values,. To some this is the lack of common sense or  education.

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