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Heard Newt Gingrich talking about “testing” those who believe in Sharia and other laws above our country’s laws…

Boy, did he got slammed by liberal media and even some GOPers… even though he’s right.

I am of Latin/Caucasian heritage but was always raised and told by my Latin born mom and American born Navy dad that we were Americans 1st and our country came 1st, no allegiance to any other country.

OF COURSE you can be proud of your given heritage. WHO isn’t? However, successful immigrants throughout our history have all done one thing – they’ve assimilated into American traditions, values, language and the love of country. Assimilation has been the once constant, as far back as our our great Constitution.

Those who don’t want to assimilate might as well stay in their country of origin because we can’t be a nation with everybody doing their own thing. Yes, we are all different and that’s what makes America unique BUT as Americans we must assimilate as one nation with pride! Whether born here or naturalized citizens/legal immigrants  it doesn’t matter. Those who come here and want other laws placed above our laws and before our Constitution shouldn’t be here and shouldn’t try to change America.

That’s the beauty of assimilation. We all bring something unique and then it blends into something new and American. We have a structure and that’s our laws, our Constitution, our values. As a proud American, we should all respect our laws and country regardless of our backgrounds because we are Americans first.

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