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A Recap of the Third Presidential Debate, by topic:

ACCEPTANCE OF VOTE RESULTS. Trump said he wait and see, a good answer. Results on day of election, after certification, or if poll watchers have any complaints. Keep in mind the 1960 and 2000 elections.

ALLEPO PUTIN, CEASEFIRE. The battle for Aleppo shows what Putin thinks of President Obama. Assad and Putin gained territory during the broken cease fire. Obama backed down from his line in the sand, on Crimea, and the Ukraine. This is leadership compared with our apologist president.

RIGGED ELECTION. The election is being rigged if you consider the major media and some actions of the DNC and Hillary’s campaign. Refusing to acknowledge WikiLeaks and VERITAS is rigging the election. Giving Hillary advance notice of questions for the debate is rigging. Organizing people to cause violence is rigging. The cover-up between Obama, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey , for Hillary is rigging.

The media is as good on the political campaign as they were with “Hands Up Don’t Shoot. They don’t take time to verify very much. Look at means to notice. It can go beyond physical beauty. Notice of actions and movements. They only see and hear the obvious, blind to the setups.

We now have the, Motor Voter Law, a law signed by President Clinton. The courts have made it harder to purge the voter polls for death and movement, and requiring a photo ID. The large metropolitan areas are the problem.

GUN CONTROL and ABORTION. Using toddlers as a reason for gun control is pushing the limits. Some of the toddler killings were children of law enforcement. Hillary is after your guns. She doesn’t care if Planned Parenthood sells body parts from late term abortions.

TAXES, SPENDING, DEBT. Hillary will raise taxes and spending, increasing the debt. Trump will cut taxes and re-prioritize spending, depending on job growth. There is no way to see the impact until tried.

ENTITLEMENTS. Battlements require job growth to be sustained… The current workers are paying for the previous generation.


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