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A 23-year old man who was asleep in his father’s home early Monday afternoon has reportedly killed 3 young criminals who broke in with the plan of burglarizing the home.

Two of the dead burglars were juveniles of 16-17 years of age, the third was just a bit older at 18-19. The son of the homeowner shot the three men with an AR-15 that was in the house. He heard the thieves breaking through the back door, armed himself and then shot all three black clad criminals. Two of them died in the home, the third made it to the driveway before succumbing to his injuries.

From the Tulsa World News:

The son, who lives at the residence, told deputies he was sleeping when he was awakened by “loud bangs” coming from the back door. He armed himself with the rifle and opened fire when the intruders came inside and he encountered them in the hallway, he told the deputies. Two of the intruders died in the kitchen, while the third made his way outside and succumbed to his injuries in the driveway.

Investigators found a knife on one of the deceased in the kitchen and brass knuckles on the other, Mahoney said.

Later that afternoon, 21-year-old Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez of Oologah turned herself in at the Broken Arrow Police Department after seeing media reports about the shootings, Mahoney said.

She reportedly indicated to police that she had driven the three burglars to the house and was supposed to have picked them up after the burglary.

Deputy Nick Mahoney said the entire event was shocking for the normally quiet and peaceful community, “This is very, very unusual for us. It’s not something we’re used to. It’s not something we normally have.”

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