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The recent announcement that the former Secretary of States-Hillary Clintons private server located in her home was unsecure back in Dec 2010 is very serious. The sensitive National security information obtained could be used against our nation and a potential future President as blackmail!

The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton-is the first and only Secretary of State to have a Private server- which she then had installed in her home basement. This action taken by the head of the Secretary of State was illegal-irresponsible and reckless and put the security at risk of every American including Americans living and serving our country abroad.

The other day- I sadly learned that Hillary’s aides have taken the Fifth amendment 125 times in the past few months when being questioned on her private e-mail and private server and on their communication-dealings with the CLINTON Global Foundation. It appears the former aides are all lawyer uped and not speaking. I hope the FBI is also investigating the e-mails of long time CLINTONS lawyer-freind of Sidney Blumenthal and his dealings with Libya and Hillary’s push to depose Libyan leader Qaddafi. A total of 2,100 e-mails- so far have been found on her private e-mail that had classified info and a number were top-secret classified!

YES- 2,100 reasons for blackmail by our enemies due to ones decision for personal convenience….

Hillary the career-politician can not be trusted and does not deserve to be promoted to be our next President-Comander In Chief.

Thomas Jefferson once said ” ACTION will define YOU” and the many Actions of Secretary of State CLINTON from setting up a private e-mail (for her personal convenience)-server and the Four dead in Benghazi-( in action) with the still missing $ 6 billion dollars from the State department have sealed Hillary’s fate.

NO vast right wing conspiracy here-just the ACTIONS of a very ambitious- determined cunning lawyer/ politician named CLINTON at work!

We need a strong leader a PATRIOT as our next President- not another career politician-lawyer in the Oval Office-White House next January.

Our next President needs to restore our economy-restore our Constitution and restore our borders-so America remains prosperous strong and free!

Our next President needs to be a strong PATRIOT-who will always put America first!

Our next President needs to make foriegn policy decisions from strength and not fear from release of emails as a past Secretary of State being used by our enemies to influence future policies.

I am so ready to vote for Donald J Trump to be our next President to restore our Republic.

YES WE CAN elect a Patriot as our next President-Commander In Chief to restore our Republic!


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