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2016 Election:

For a long time now I have been thinking that an election cancellation could be a real thing.

It appears that the election coverage may just be smoke to keep our attention off of Obama.  We need to be in much prayer about this as this could mean the end of our Constitution and result in a big civil war with a lot of real pain for everyone.  Only the LORD could prevent this from happening which includes a great deal of repentance from us for allowing the destructive stuff to exist in the first place.

Christians not voting in the last election gave Obama his 2nd term.

Hope this gets out and we all get and go to vote at least one more time and try to turn back away from the precipice of an all out civil war, FEEMA Camps or an HEMP into a stone age.   And the EMP information seems more and more to be coming to the top of my pile if we are not soon protected.

Elections are always the less of the two evils.

Might be good to make some decisions for a semi-prepper life style if we do end up back in the stone age.  Inner cities could be a very difficult places to survive.

The U.S.S.Titanic is truly headed towards a big iceberg.  If we don’t turn soon it may be too late.   If our politicians don’t come up for a breath of fresh air and do what is good for the country for a change, it is all over.  Only the top 10% get the good stuff, the 90% work for peanuts. Socialism is the good friend of slavery.


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