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So if you vote for Donald J. Trump, you will end Hillary Clinton and the Liberal agenda right? And if you Elect Hillary R. Clinton, you will end the racist bigotry of Donald’s #neotrumpism, right? Wrong! Their positions, their ideological philosophies are equal as destructive and are so similar one would have to do major surgery to pull them apart enough to see sunlight. Oligarchy is the planned attempt to make the voting class believe they truly have two different parties and platforms to decide from, when in actuality, there is none.

We call this setup “controlled opposition”, where the emotions of two different parties allow them to believe that they actually have a real choice. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are using this approach to guarantee Hillary the POTUS position.

Both are using communist and socialist brainwashing techniques to gain more control. This is accomplished by sociology and psychology to create victimhood, blame, and anger to create this mass change to the 240-year-old Constitution. There is the educational change to conform young minds to the new ideology. i.e. “Make America great”. Last I checked, America is still great but is hurting due to division, hatred, bigotry, lies, and smoke and mirrors. They both use synthesis to blend thinking into one similar, if not equal ideologies so one party wins, and there is a new group consensus. We can see the hated Trump and the potentially first female POTUS. And then, the two groups spread hatred to extremists “those who do not conform”.

Keep in mind the only difference in socialism and communism is the method used to get to that end. Socialism uses voting, while communism uses force. Remember that Marxism and Nazism were based on the outcome of total control by using first socialism, then communism, to complete tyranny. To vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is only divided between murder and suicide. Which do you prefer?

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton use Cultural Hegemony, A belief held by an Italian Communist, Antonio Gramsci “from the late 1800s and early 1900s”, that the best way to incorporate Marxism into a capitalist society was to start from the bottom up and by stealthily changing the beliefs of the culture itself. This involves softening or radicalizing the cultures beliefs about various social issues such as homosexuality, marriage, education, women’s issues, religion, divorce, pornography, media, abortion, and the established political parties. The idea is to move everything to the left, so that “new norms” are set in society.

Many consider themselves Conservative, and believe that they follow the Constitution, but follow Trump, a liberal who has donated more money to Democrats and Socialists than to Republicans, Conservatives, and the Vets combined. Keep in mind Trump’s positions on issues like eminent domain, taxes, abortion, Federal Powers, health care, LGBT issues, but he cannot accept Ted Cruz, because according to Trump “Cruz lied and stole votes”.

So when one speaks of Brown Shirts, that was the first Gestapo, and “narks” of Hitler to stop those who disagreed with him, and his plot to take over Germany. We see this today. In the early 1930s we saw it as “narks” running to the military Gestapo, and today we see them busily bullying the #nevertrump folks on social media.

So if you do not see the complete similarities of both parties and the total destruction of our Democratic Republic, and if you vote for either of these two candidates, then you either have your head in the sand or just can’t handle the truth…..

Time to stop being an ostrich and pull your head out of your sand pile, and see the writing on the wall, and jump off the Trump and Clinton Trains, and join the CRUZADE…..


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