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Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is calling for all Moslems in America who believe in establishing Sharia law over the Constitution must be deported.  Obama says, “That’s not who we are,” and cites the 1st Amendment of the Constitution as protection for any religion and their practices in the United States.  Since when can any religion practice freely in America regardless of how barbaric it may be?

Satanism is not permitted to be freely practiced in America.  Infant sacrifice is considered murder and not allowed – (or perhaps it is legal since you can not only kill a baby in the womb, but kill the baby even when gestated long enough to live outside the womb, and Obama has even made it legal to kill a baby born alive from a botched abortion attempt.  But I digress.)

Pagans are not permitted to conduct human sacrifice.  Why should Moslems be permitted to conduct honor killings or female genital mutilation?  The 1st Amendment is meant to protect Christians from other Christians who think they are holier than thou.  It is meant to protect the people from the government.  It is not meant to protect traitors, seditionists, or insurgents who want to overthrow the Constitution and establish a dictatorship in any form whether it be secular or theocratic.

Islam and Sharia are not compatible with Christianity and the Constitution to the extent that one cannot live alongside the other in peace.  Sharia calls for the subjugation and enslavement of infidels to either submit to Islam or pay a tax to practice their religion.  It forbids the building of any place of worship other than mosques and declines punishment for the killing of Christians or the destruction of their holy sites.

Newt Gingrich is 1000% correct that Islam has no place in the free world.  Allowing those who would murder and enslave us to move into our homes and take our lands is NOT who we are!  Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Sotero, Moslem, is NOT who we are, but he would make us into what he is – an Islamist dictator.

Obama’s Islamists condemns Gingrich calling for deportation of Islamists

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