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How many times have we heard the statement from our parents, “If I only know this when I was younger, my decisions would have been very different?” Chances are, we have heard that mantra at some point in our lives. Luckily, there is a new book out by founder of Right Wing News and columnist at Townhall, John Hawkins, outlining what we can do to prevent these potential regrets and to make better decisions in our lives.

Hawkins’ book, entitled “101 Things All Young Adults Should Know,” is not political per say, but its contents of taking responsibility for one’s actions is a major part of conservatism’s foundation. The book has twelve chapters in total each encompassing basic guidelines for living a fulfilled life, from building relationships to growing into a mature adult and taking responsibility for your actions.

Each chapter contains numerous guidelines about a specific topic. Several sections, specifically, stood out to me as a millennial and a conservative. I am sadly witnessing our age group transforming from brave soldiers fighting in World War Two 70 years ago to college students needing safe spaces to shelter from anything they disagree with today.

Below is a list of those salient and most integral points
1. “Men should embrace their masculinity, and women should embrace their femininity.” This is a crucial guideline for couples in general, especially in the age of modern third-wave feminism. But it takes on a whole new meaning now with the transgender movement, which has been politicized by the Left, which calls anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change “science deniers,” but simultaneously believes that gender is a social construct, and that men can be women and women can be men, no matter what their chromosomes say.
2. “This is how to deal with the police.” Over the last ten years or so, especially in the Obama years, we have heard countless stories about faux police brutality, with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown being the most prime examples among many others. If only these people didn’t try to fight with the police, they would still be alive today. It isn’t the polices’ fault if you fight them or try to grab their gun if they defend themselves, and you certainly are not the victim.
3. “Nobody owes you a living.” The Left hates this principle, and we’ve seen this with the election of Barack Obama and the rise of admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders, who believes that everyone who makes money should be taxed to pay for everyone who doesn’t, because equality is apparently a right. The Left, as a whole, believes in this to some extent. And nothing could be further from the truth, and believing this will invariably lead to failure and unhappiness in life.
4. “You are not a victim.” The Left plays this card so often that the word “victim” has no semantic meaning anymore. The left labels minorities, feminists, and even criminal activists as victims, and my generation laps it up. College students have become so fragile that after Donald Trump’s election, there were therapy sessions on campuses throughout the country, and rioting when a conservative speaks on campus became not only justified, but a moral imperative. College students are not victims. In fact, they live better than kings 200 years ago. They don’t need to grow their own food, and they have the latest iPhones, all while complaining that “the rich, evil corporations” are keeping them down. This mentality will inevitably lead to misery and failure in life.

The Left is largely responsible for the demise of our culture and are steadily contributing to the crumbling of our society. Our generation is already set up to fail if these trends keep up. Watching this happen before my very eyes, as a conservative, demonstrates to me, the need for this book to be in the hands of every millennial possible.

You won’t regret reading it, and will be thanking its pages for providing you with a much better chance of success in life.

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