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Where is the Leadership?

Finally the president crawls out from his hiding place to address the accusation he refuses to call radical Islam what it is, radical Islam? If he doesn’t believe that it is the act of terror at the hands of these terrorists, then why is he do afraid to use these words of truth? The president makes the claim that would using these words matter? They do!

Words used to identify do matter Mr President, just think.. If I say I’m a liar and lie, what does that make me.. It makes me a liar, if I tell someone I love them, and I love someone, it makes me a lover.

If I say I’m supporting one group or another, I am using words to identify myself with said group, is that not so? Of course it is! Well your failure is not in using the right words, your failure is acknowledging what is the meaning of those words. Call it radical Islam,call it the “religion of peace” call it what you want… The actions speak for themselves… Oh and may I suggest if your going to use your “word denial” why don’t you practice it in all your speech, especially when addressing conservatives. Don’t call us “friends across the isle” or republicans, or even those gun toting, bible thumping domestic terrorists….Call us patriots.



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Christian,patriot,veteran married children Constitutionalist, American. I believe in God, the Lord Jesus Christ, loyalty,honor,dignity,and never quit.

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