What’s Old Is New Again

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I can’t keep from laughing at how the press has been reacting to Donald Trump’s obvious joke to Russia about hacking Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

This just proves that liberals are the ones that have no sense of humor.

This whole thing reminds me of when former president Reagan joked off microphone back in 1984 to the Russians, “The bombing begins in 5 minutes”. Not much has changed since then I sense.  Here again the liberals went nuts when obviously he was joking.

But to accuse Trump of treason is just ridiculous since it’s Hillary Clinton who exposed our national security secrets by using a private server. Besides, why would liberals care unless they were really concerned about the content of those emails?

Feelings in the main stream press have probably been hurt since most thinking people understand they are in collusion with the Democratic Party and their agenda. Once again Trump has proven to be unafraid and a master of marketing by taking the spotlight off of the Democrats convention week.

Not bad for a guy with no real political experience.


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I am a video professional of many years and have won several industry awards. I also enjoy studying current affairs and politics especially early American history. In addition, I am a member of the Knights of Columbus. I have had opinion editorials published by the Hartford Courant on many occasions and was once awarded Best Editorial by the Courant for their annual recognition of writers. I am currently the Deputy Registrar of voters in my home town where I reside with my wife and two teenage sons.

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