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We are the Militia


We are deeply involved in spiritual warfare against the Principalities and as we must fight, so must we be of strong Faith, and keep to the forefront that which we hold sacred. The weapon of itself cannot maim or kill. The individual behind the weapon is the perpetrator.

We are not meek sheep to be led to slaughter. The cause of Freedom is a just cause. We must be Debora’s, Sampson’s and Gideon’s. Our strength lies within our Faith and Love for our Lord God.

Look to Israel as the perfect example of the Lord God’s love and protection. Israel though severely outnumbered by her mortal enemies, survives against all odds! Absolute proof of the Lords intervention.

It is our God given duty to protect ourselves against enslavement to a totalitarian government! We do not fight to conquer. We fight to protect our belief in the Almighty, we fight to protect our families and our Republic. We fight to survive.

May the Lord our God be our shield, and may ‘He’ guide us in righteousness for his namesake. God bless you all, and God bless our dear and precious Constitutional Republic.

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Author, Poet, Holistic Healing, Empath, White Light Reiki Master. love camping, archery, fencing, proficient marksman and love learning new things.

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