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Washington Cronies

Well, here we go again!

Hillary gets a free pass.

I have read where the FBI Director has a flawless reputation.  What happened to an honest cop?  I would say personal threats by obvious sources. This country has became so corrupt that it has made a mockery of our constitution and the freedoms  it stands for.

There is nothing the Clintons would not do!

It is not just them. It starts at the White House and filters down. I have lost all faith in our elected leaders in both parties. I think the corruption starts at the top and in a lot of cases comes all the way down to the local level of government.

I wrote both my Senators and my Congressman today to tell them I was through with their corrupt politics and they no longer deserved my vote or any other votes from honest, hard working citizens. I urge all citizens that are tired of this corruption to write their representatives and bluntly tell them you are through with their type of leadership. We must stand together against political tyranny and take our country and constitution back to what is was meant to be.

Please let your voices be heard.



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