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Warning! Facebook Complicit with CNN!


“Freedom of Speech Regulated by Globalist Facebook Intimidations!”

Vigileaks was just notified a colleague received a 24-hour “Posting Suspension” from Facebook for posting common anti-CNN memes!

Vigileaks viewed these memes and they contain nothing life threatening, dangerous, lewd, pornographic, or terrorist related. Indeed, if they did and were pro-globalist, a 24-hour “Posting Suspension” would never occur!

So Facebook is now clearly over the line. It is openly and defiantly anti-Constitutional.  But it is neither above the law or a law unto itself. Vigileaks urges everyone who has received these “Posting Suspensions” – for merely posting anti-CNN and ant-Fake News communications – to start a website to form a collective lawsuit with the Best Pro-Trump and Pro-Constitutional lawyers available!

Facebook and CNN will go down together! By doling out these unjust and anti-Constitutional 24-hour “Posting Suspensions,” Facebook is complicit with one of the most heinous global Liars of our time! CNN!

Begin a search to expose all Facebook’s complicit Darknet activities now! So Facebook wants to know what control is. Hundreds of millions of We The People are more than capable! Indeed, it is the sworn duty not only of We The People civilians, but of active-duty armed forces and retired veterans, always under oath against all enemies foreign and domestic…

Facebook and its communist ally CNN have declared war on anti-CNN communications.  In war, the first goal is to always take out communications.  Facebook is now unaccountably and unrestrainedly doing this without historical precedent.  And if AI at Facebook is doing this, it needs to be immediately dismantled and banned!

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