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The Un-Democratic Post Election Protests

The election is over, the votes tabulated, and we have a new President-elect until 20 January 2017 when he’s sworn in.

The winner… Donald J.Trump.

To say a good portion of voters, even those of us who did vote for him, were surprised is an understatement. For me the range of emotions went from shock, disbelief, doubt of my 5 senses, numbness, vindication, euphoria, and I must admit to a feeling which I can only describe as “Na Na Na Na Na”.

With all the ‘Drive-by MSMs’ predictions of a “landslide” win for Clinton it was clear who was expected to win and their reactions showed it with no doubt.
Immediately there came a ‘cry’ of disbelief from all factions of the leftwing. How badly this was going to be taken had not become apparent… it took a good ‘few minutes’ for the reporters to get their ‘game faces’ back on, but there were some unexpected and not professional audible/visual reactions from these normally ‘calm, cool, and collected’ ‘ supposed professionals.

My own happiness didn’t last because of the suspiciously immediate appearance of protesters in various cities across America.
While I fully believe in the American right to assembly and protest the activities engaged in by these groups of people is totally inappropriate and destructive. They’ve blocked traffic, defaced and vandalized property, and have shown a total disregard of law enforcement, that is when the police are present because some cities just aren’t dispatching them, and have had to be forcibly removed.

These people are backed by leftist organizations which put ads on Craig’s List, some didn’t vote, and meanwhile in the Clinton and Obama ‘camps’ there’s not been a ‘peep’, not any calls for these people to cease, desist, or even to calm down!

Why? Because they’re supporting this outrage and Clinton’s concession speech

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I'm a Constitutional Conservative, Military Widow, writer, ( not yet published), avid reader, and classic movie lover, and as for music, the best from the 50's-80's. I write mostly what I've observed. Timely, accurate and what people want to know, some opinions, and thoughts of what's happening with certain issues of today, this administration, the leftwing loons and how they've done their best to undermine America, etc.

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