U N gets its Fingers in our Election Pie

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U.N. to Monitor US Elections

Yes, you read the title correctly. The U.N. will have a significant presence in monitoring our elections this November. Between the takeover of the election process between DHS and the UN, this election has already been stolen. Meanwhile, America sits on its collective fat @$$, and does nothing about this invasion being perpetrated by the globalist mafia.

The details of this outrageous practice are contained in this vide0 from The Red List News.


So, now we have our very own Department of Homeland Security overseeing this ‘critical infrastructure. And the United Nations sticking their fingers in this American Pie!  The UN does not have any right to monitor our elections.  Did they volunteer, or were they invited?  And yes, this election is critical – but not in the way they present it.

I believe this is our last chance to begin righting the injustices that have been committed on the American People – ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! I’m the “Mom” in the “Mom and Apple Pie” part of the people.  I want to protect what makes me proud to be that person, living in this country, on this National Holiday, celebrating the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Don’t let THEM take that away!

And don’t forget to say your prayers!

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Sammi Hammers

Retired Accountant, Grandma of 5, Concerned citizen, Former City Council member,Community volunteer, Reader, Writer, Student, Passionate Patriot

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