Is Trump Wise Enough To Get Better?

Donald Trump 2

I don’t much care for Donald Trump. He often seems buffoonish and is prone to hurling careless insults — like a temperamental zoo primate throwing half-eaten fruit or feces at patrons. Furthermore, I don’t get warm fuzzies regarding Trump’s depth and breath of knowledge about world affairs. Plus I fear Trump’s ego often outpaces any sort of introspection when it comes to how he sees himself.

That said, Hillary Clinton is a criminal and pathological liar. Even for those who despise Trump, how foolish are those think that they can believe anything she says about anything at any time? Thus it was good to see Trump in the first debate debunk the trope that Hillary’s experience in government is to her credit when the opposite is accurate, namely that most of her much-touted experience goes to why she ought never be President.

Yet after watching the first debate, I found Trump’s performance underwhelming and was surprised that so many polls named him the winner. Trump left so many opportunities “on the table” and wound up defending himself against Hillary’s attacks on side issues that have little to do with his abilities to be President but instead have everything to do with class-envy. On the defensive, Trump came off as repetitive and even a bit tiresome at times. Clinton, on the other hand, was well rehearsed and composed as she recited memorized and tiresome lefty nostrums to a national audience — who may finally be coming to realize that such Democrat promises consistently come to naught.

So the day after the first debate and obvious question arises, does Trump think he did well last night? If so, that’s telling about the man – because while he didn’t outright stink last night, he wasn’t all that great. (With regard to Clinton, last night was as good as it gets for her.) Will Trump accept fair analyses of his performance from his advisors regarding last night’s performance? Will he seek to do better in subsequent debates? If so, the coming debates will help Trump with voters – help he badly needs in the face of the Democratic Party’s formidable voter-turnout machine.

And if Trump doesn’t seek to improve, we’ll know more about him – information that will make it easier to accept his eventual inability to beat Hillary Clinton — the worst candidate to ever run for the presidency.


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Michael P. Rethman

Scientist, dentist, university faculty, former city council chair.

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