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To be or not to be?

If Donald Trump apologized for all the off the cuff things he has said in the past that have Democrats and some Republicans upset, would it make a difference?

I doubt it because the left would say he is just doing it because he is desperate for votes.

On the other hand if Hillary Clinton apologized for all the lies she told, everyone would think that would be the right thing to do but no one would be able to vote for her because she would be in federal prison.

So this is the is the problem, do we vote for a man who says a few dumb things off the cuff or do we vote for a confirmed liar to lead our nation. How many lies has she told and you can add more every time she denies or gives an excuse for telling one. Most of her time has been used on smearing Donald Trump while most of his time has been spent on what he is going to do to make our country great again.

I for one will vote for a truthsayer.


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Gary Chambers

Retired General Contractor Author-Poet

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