There Once Was a Flight to Nantucket….


Two days ago, it was a slow news day…so slow, you might have missed this. Both presidential candidates used private jets. No big deal, they do it all the time.

One candidate used a private jet to fly down to Louisiana to unload supplies, to meet with leaders as well as those affected by the flooding disaster. This visit was appreciated by LA’s people and its Democratic governor; but, was maligned by the mainstream press and portrayed as self-serving.

The other candidate used a private jet for a 4 minute, 20 mile flight from Martha’s Vineyard to a $100,000 a plate fund raiser in Nantucket. This candidate is billed as a champion for the common man and a defender of our fragile environment. ┬áThis trip was completely ignored by the press and treated as not newsworthy

It’s poetic all of the things that rhyme with Nantucket….


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Conservative father of 8 children. Since 7 of my 8 children are girls, I have many guns and I am a proud Life Member of the NRA.

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