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The Intelligence of Obama

I heard again today someone exclaiming how intelligent Obama is and declaring Trump to be stupid.  Since we can’t count on the sources I will just say that some have Obama’s IQ at 102.  That’s not real bright so in the interest of the fairness that left wingers are so preoccupied with let’s give him a grade based on his record.


Obama apologized for American influence in other regions of the world.  This gave the enemies of freedom an open path to plunder without fear of opposition.  And the guarantee of support for our allies has been withdrawn in favor of support for their enemies and ours.  Thus Obama has ensured tyranny for millions of mankind’s most oppressed. The biggest financial support for terrorism in the world is Iran.  Obama just gave them a free ride to nuclear weapons.  He also handed them billions of dollars to support their agenda.  This aid was given under cover to a nation that has sworn destruction of the U.S.


He has imported our radical Muslim enemies while at the same time trying to weaken our right to weapons for our defense. The Obama administration has placed our wives and daughters at risk of rapes and beatings.  Our citizens in general are now in the path of terrorism and murder all choreographed by Obama.


He has encouraged illegal voting by aliens from various countries that have no standing to vote for America’s representatives.   This could be continued but there is enough here to make the point.  Obama said at the onset of his regime that he would fundamentally change America.  What is the reason to change what is arguably the most independent and generous nation on earth?  It can only be to destroy America because the outcome of his agenda must be the perceived intent.


So as a banner to his intelligence I suppose that you can say he is smart enough to destroy America.  But it is hard to use that as evidence of intelligence when he is stupid enough to do it!

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Richard Roberts

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