The Apprentice Candidate

Ted Cruz 2

It is beyond comprehension that a liberal democrat has railroaded AMERICA into pretending he is the presumptive Republican nominee.  Facts are  clearly evidenced showing his flagrant support of liberal agendas and candidates.

We see the blatant disregard he has for moral standards and Christian Conservative Values and OUR CONSTITUTION.  This denigration of who We are is tearing AMERICA apart.

We have witnessed the fabrication and smearing of viable Candidates such as CRUZ, and families of Candidates, while he tromps around AMERICA creating more chaos that further divides the electoral base.  We hear no consistent rhetoric or platform basics out of his mouth, and he is incapable of debating intelligently with anyone.  Some statements we have witnessed are nothing more than disconnected thoughts, that can be termed as ‘word Sara’s in the psychological community.  This can also be classified as symptomatic of numerous Psychological Disorders such as narcissism and psychotic egocentrism.

AMERICA does not need someone on the edge of a cliff in control of Our Country, who We need is someone intelligent, capable of Sound decision making, who is of Sound Moral, Christian ethic, and who Clearly understands Our Republic and OUR Constitution.

AMERICA needs Ted Cruz to reignite OUR FLAME.  AMERICA IS already great, Ted Cruz is the Man with the Flame to relight Our AMERICA!


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Karen Vaughan

Retired from working for others. Constitutional Conservative dedicated to Truth and AMERICA'S recovery from decimation. I believe in Our REPUBLIC, the 2nd Amendment, the Rights of each Sovereign Individal and State, GOD, and Family. I am a TEXAS Mother, and Grandmother.

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