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The Russia Collusion Obsession: the Investigators are Being Investigated


The eminent historian and pundit, Victor Davis Hanson, recently gave an interview where he discussed the collapse of the Russia collusion story and the fact that the investigators themselves are now being investigated.

I think we spent 95% of our investigatory resources, Congressional, independent, media, political, and we came up with nothing on the collusion. Where 95% of the narrative, whether it was the Steele dossier… or the unmasking and leaking, which one member who was unmasking claims now that the numbers unmasked do not match the times she did it. And now we have the Uranium One deal, the Podesta deal. 

So now we have the investigators are being investigated because there was never collusion. The reason the Trump administration — was this anger, hysteria, as you rightly surmised anger over the lost election that was blown, or was it an effort to overturn the election by impeaching or denigrating him to such a degree that he is ineffective … or was it a pre-emptive active effort to disguise a lot of exposure in the scandals we just talked about?

Hanson is right, of course.

The Russian collusion narrative has collapsed, and the media and their Democrat friends are left with nothing but baseless accusations and ad hominem nonsense.

In fact, the more we’ve learned about the Russia story, the more we’ve realized that it was the Democrats and their allies who were immorally engaged with the Russians.

Sadly, the media won’t ever admit that they were wrong and the left will just pretend that nothing ever happened… until the next time they want to smear our President or his supporters.

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Lars Lamonte

Libertarian, pissed off at big government and today's party politics in general.

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