The Principles to Advance a New Era of Conservatism

Evan McMullin 4 President


In a short time, Evan McMullin not only has increased his presence but has blown the walls wide open. Tonight, on October 5, 2016, Evan Challenged every American to help advance a new era of conservatism set upon 13 principles.

Offering a speech filled with history, honesty, frankness, and a vision for tomorrow, Evan was interrupted several times during his “Principles” speech in Provo, Utah, with loud rounds of applause and agreement.

Evan is encouraging that every American demand a new era of principled leaders and civic engagement. He challenged all attendees to reach out to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers and talk about principles, and what it means to them. He went a step further and to come back to his website and discuss what they found, believe, and heard as they discussed these principles.

Evan spoke of a return of the power back to the states, while restoring the Federal level legislative power back to the Congress, which has been eroding over to the Executive branch over the decades. He called to not shut ourselves”Americans” from the rest of the world, while not making the government so big and burdensome that it could not be controlled. He calls for a complete rethinking of the 15% of Americans who live below the poverty line. He calls for programs aimed at getting those people out of poverty through better job opportunities, better schools, and a government that allows local folks make the choices.

Evan again calls for leaders who are “Honest and Wise”, where principles outweigh personal gain, and they cherish and believe in the Constitution.

Americans can get the “PRINCIPLES FOR NEW AMERICAN LEADERSHIP” by clicking the flag… us-flag


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I love America, and what the Constitution stands for. I love history and am aware of the sacrifices our forefathers went through to make America this free country. I am appalled that any American would desecrate her flag, spit upon her history, or warp her great history for their own greed. NOT A REPUBLICAN NOT A DEMOCRAT. A CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE! A REAL PATRIOT. PART OF THE NEWCONSTITUTIONALCONSERVATIVE PARTY

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