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President-Elect Trump: “Millions” Voted Illegally for Hillary

In an argument presented on social media throughout the day on Sunday, President-Elect Trump tweeted that he would have won the popular vote “in a landslide” if millions of illegal voters weren’t drummed up by the Democrats.


In a wide-ranging monologue, President-Elect Trump said:

““I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” It appears the President-Elect was referencing Democrat voters who were either illegal immigrants, dead “voters”, and/or Democrat voters who voted multiple times. His comments did not specify the manner in which these voters voted illegally.


The statement comes on the same weekend that Hillary Clinton decided to participate in a recount in a last minute desperate attempt to seize the Electoral votes from Donald Trump.


As it stands, Hillary Clinton has a popular vote lead over Trump of 2 million votes, a total that is expected to grow to more than 2.5 million. It’s unclear why the popular vote total matters since the United States is a constitutional republic which elects it’s Presidents based on Electoral vote counts.


Trump’s comments on the subject, directly to the American people, can be found here:



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Joseph LaFlower

Jay is a 36 year veteran Police Officer holding the rank of Sergeant. He is a former Director of Emergency Management and selectman for his home town. He was also a Reserve Deputy Sheriff and served as Union President for his local for 8 years. Jay hosted Talk Show America, a popular conservative Internet Radio show for 10 years. He is the owner of Talk Show America Media which operates the website The Talk Show American and also NetTalk America, a conservative Internet Radio Station.

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