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Poor Hillary has a Rich Money Trail

Poor, poor Hillary.┬áTrump’s money trail and hard work is visible as where his money came from and where it went. We can see the results with all the great buildings and thousands of jobs it has produced. Hillary has a money trail that is hidden in her policies that have produced nothing and took no effort for her accumulation of millions of dollars to put into her tax free account that she named the Clinton foundation.

Most of the money she collected was while she was supposed to be working as Secretary of State collecting a big payroll check paid with your hard earned tax dollars. She is the bag lady for special interest and Muslim interests. She launders anti-American money and lies about what it will be used for. If she is elected, all her chips will be cashed in at the expense of the American people and our freedom will be purchased by tyrants.


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Gary Chambers

Retired General Contractor Author-Poet

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