Pepsi Cola Promoting Diabetes


Pepsi Cola Corporation is now Supporting “HELP YOU GET DIABETES” with their new can of soda that is 8.5 ounces.

This can is used in Hospitals and Medical Clinics all over the world and it has “MADE WITH REAL SUGAR DISPLAYED ALL OVER THE CANS in their new design promoting this beverage.

I purchased a pack of these sodas, took them home put them in the fridge.  Several hours later I got one, opened it and it tasted very different than what I was use to.  I looked at the can and saw the inscription “MADE WITH REAL SUGAR”  and tasted it again to confirm this.

Boy what an awful taste, you could kill with the amount of sugar in such a small can.

Can you imagined this, especially when within the last two weeks my physician diagnosed me with “BORDER LINE DIABETES”…………

American Corporation Chairman and Executives only care about the bottom line in profits and the bonus they received based on performances by their sales and results to their stockholders.  They are not interested in your health, what real harm their products can cause their customers as they can afford lawsuits due to the Millions of Dollars they bring in and employing high powered Attorneys to spread lies, bs and make them so very innocent of a minor problem.

Honesty, Caring, Conscience and Image has been a thing of the past for many years for 99% of American Corporations due to their greed for a dollar.  The salaries their top executives make has eliminated all chance for reform and to “DO GOOD, SET AN EXAMPLE FOR OTHERS in the world of business”…………

The new theme is “SELL HELL OUT OF IT, MAKE PROFIT, LET OUR ATTORNEY’S RESOLVE PROBLEMS” as we can be like Politicians, ” TELL MORE LIES, LOOK INNOCENT, DENY EVERYTHING AND LAUGH LIKE HELL ON THE WAY TO THE BANK” after all it works with them because they and we know people are stupid and will believe anything now days.

Pepsi Cola Executives I salute each of you with the “Finger Salute” for your caring about your customers all over the world.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Vernon Hill

Have submitted video stories (536) to CNN-IREPORT for last four years with several hundred thousand hits until they screwed up and lost several hundred reporters like me with their failure to communicate with us thanks to their stupid ass President.

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