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What is behind the News Media’s lack of coverage of recent terror attacks in our country?

I learned of the recent bombings and stabbings from the post I read on the internet. You would think that this would be covered extensively by all of the Major News Networks, wouldn’t you? Perhaps these attacks have been caused by a video.

I am sure Hillary Clinton would like you to believe that Donald Trump is personally responsible for the current bout of jihad in the USA. She has come awfully close to implying it. These attacks couldn’t be caused by Obama’s failed immigration policies Oh NO NO NO; the same policies that Hillary promises to administer full speed ahead.

Perhaps the Media is downplaying these tragedies in order to prevent a shadow of blame being cast on Crooked Hillary. CNN, MSN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and even FOX would never ever be used as a propaganda machine to prop up Crooked Hillary, would they? What kind of DEPLORABLE person could doubt the credibility of today’s American Media?

What happened to America?

The news I watch today is twisted into propaganda resembling the propaganda that was dished out to citizens of the Soviet Union; they tell us twisted versions of the news containing enough grain of truth to fool the sheep. Bold faced lies. Anyone with half a brain should see right through it.


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Charles Smith

I am a conservative against the One World Order. I am a struggling middle-class husband and father. It's time for a change,

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