The Optics of Racism and Bigotry

Hillary Clinton and Obama

Racism and bigotry are terrible things. Did you know that when you target where Trump built his largest projects:

-Black ownership of homes went from 46.1% to 41.7%
-Black labor force participation rates went from 63.2% to 61.2%
-The percentage of blacks living below the poverty line rose from 25.8% to 26.2%.
-The number of black food stamp participants increased by a whopping 58%? Terrible performance. Thanks a lot Donald. You’re fired!

Furthermore, did you know that Trump actually eulogized Senator Robert Byrd, a former member of and recruiter for, the KKK? Heck, he even called him his “friend and mentor” in a video tribute that he made. What a low-life scumbag….and trying to represent the Republican party; the party of Lincoln! You should be ashamed. No wonder so many black americans vote for the Democratic party!

Racism and bigotry are terrible and the Democratic party will help fix the problems that folks like Trump created; so, we all should be “with her” when we vote this November.

Wait, just kidding: the stats above were results of what happened to black Americans under Obama / Clinton’s administration (2009 to 2014; Hillary was there through 2013)….and it was Hillary who was friends with self-proclaimed mentor Senator Byrd.

Racism and bigotry are terrible; and so is politics. Truth can be stranger than fiction.


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Conservative father of 8 children. Since 7 of my 8 children are girls, I have many guns and I am a proud Life Member of the NRA.

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