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Obamacare Cost Me My Job

I thought I was doing okay, not great, by any stretch of the imagination. It was a straight commission job. But, we were making our bills. I was on the way to earning $60,000 per year. Until I enrolled in my Companies Insurance Plan. I was told I had to enroll my wife in the company plan instead of the Obama plan if if was offered BY LAW.

So I did, that’s when things started rolling down hill, and inertia took it’s course. My Company plan cost $1,000.00 per month. my taxes and my 401k took it’s chunk. I had to earn 1,200.00 a week to just cover the basics.

I month of sorry leads put me behind, In talking to may employer I was locked into the insurance for 12 months.

I was selling a high end product in a low end area, out of season, You can guess what happened i fell behind and had no choice but to tell my employer I could not continue.

Here I am looking for a new job.


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Frank Liso

I am somewhat out spoken and opinionated, I'm not that old as my years may indicate. I am friendly, compassionate and fair minded. I lean heavily republican. I'm a cowboy, a hunter and fisherman and a fighter. I've served in the army in the 80's. I have two trades a salesman and a farrier. I lived through the 60's until now. I'm married and have a dog.

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