Morality or electability? Which do you decide when voting?

Trump and Clinton

The question is, why vote if your reason for voting is to vote for the person most likely to be elected? Does that not completely defeat the purpose of choosing the best person, who reflects your morals, your ideals, your beliefs, integrity, and principles? If you do vote for a person who does not mirror you, then do they not imprint a different set of values and ideals upon you and the reputation you have as a person?

So if the person allows Americans to be killed in cold blood, when they could have made a difference, is that not a reflection on your support for that person? If they commit fraud by illegally hiding emails on a private server instead of using the government server not a reflection of your ability to follow the law? If the person does favors for money, does not reflect your approval of people “whoring” their morals for money?
If you bully and illegally change votes to gain the upper hand, does that not reflect on your acceptance of powerful people controlling the weaker, less powerful? If you support Hillary Clinton because you believe she can win, are you not supporting each of those negatives and all the baggage that rides on those coat tails? Does that not a story of your moral fabric, and a set of principles less than pristine?

If your choice is a person who brags of sexual abuse of others, is that not a reflection of your acceptance of the sexualization and sex slave thinking? If your choice uses racketeering and tax evasion, does that not speak volumes of your complacent attitude towards crime? If creating fake universities and the such to steal money from the unsuspecting, does that not represent your approval of lies and thievery? When your candidate tries to bully and steal land from an elderly woman using eminent domain to gain profit, does that show you are agreeable to doing whatever it takes to gain a buck? When your candidate wants to use a religious test to allow or not allow certain individuals into the country, or stop and frisk which points to a certain race, are you not condoning bigotry and racism? When your candidate speaks more positive of the
authoritarian president Putin of Russia than that of his rival Republican candidates, does that not reflect on your ability to be loyal to family and friends or not?
When you spend your life creating division and strife, how can one possibly support that person without living in their shadow and dragging the ball and chain of negativism throughout their possible Presidency? Why would anyone want to be associated with that type of individual? Babies even know he is a bad person. Trump is no leader, nor a good role model for our children and grandchildren.

The question that we started with is, do we vote because of the potential of the candidate to win, or do we vote for an individual who reflects our lives, our morals, and principles, has integrity and can lead to decency and unification? Do we want a person who runs on a set of Principles that he invites Americans to have a nationwide discussion about, and he chooses a young dynamic intelligent VP, who is ready to lead America forward when the day is needed? We can vote for a man who believes, lives and breathes the Constitution, while never giving into the lobbyist, the rich, nor the powerful. We are not just watching a candidate run, but a nation creating history and a movement that will last long past this election but will change the future of elections, candidates, and American’s belief in choosing good over evil, and strength over words, and knowledge over the powerful dollar. We have seen a CIA operative, Senior advisor for the House of Representatives foreign affairs. A candidate that has the same struggles as the average American, including College loan debt. Today, Evan McMullin is the candidate of conviction, determination, principles, integrity and moral fortitude that America genuinely needs.

So when you go to the ballot box, will you vote for the lesser of two evils believing they have the “best” chance to be elected, or will you vote for positive change by a real modern change candidate, Evan McMulin? You get to choose and to live with your own conscience, but remember, America is depending on you to choose wisely and for all of America. 


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I love America, and what the Constitution stands for. I love history and am aware of the sacrifices our forefathers went through to make America this free country. I am appalled that any American would desecrate her flag, spit upon her history, or warp her great history for their own greed. NOT A REPUBLICAN NOT A DEMOCRAT. A CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE! A REAL PATRIOT. PART OF THE NEWCONSTITUTIONALCONSERVATIVE PARTY

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