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Media Coverage is Still Unbalanced

After writing about unbalanced media coverage of the election, I was even more attuned to “news” and commentaries.

The non-challenge of Hillary to the coverage of the Trump doctor taking 6 minutes to write his health report, the obvious bias continues.

Where is the media outrage of no Hillary press conferences, non-scripted and controlled, so the many questions she has not been challenged on, can be asked?

I continue to note that ever time there is a somewhat positive coverage of Trump, a follow up Hillary statement or remark follows, blunting anything positive concerning Trump.  And the descriptive words used around Trump continue to be negative or neutral, while most of the descriptive words used on Hillary are generally positive.

The media bias has happened before, and not as an editorial or commentary, but this election coverage is the most one sided I’ve seen and will probably continue to get even more so in the next 2 months.

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Retired in Florida after a career in retail as a buyer, manager and salesman. Enjoyed an early career as a radio announcer and copy writer. I am concerned about our country.

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