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Manipulating the Polls

Manipulating the polls as taught by a public union official. Some of this is information is old but still usable…

This is just one way that the media manipulates the people.

  1. Pick a couple days of the week to miss or hit. Mondays and Wednesday because of family or church night.
  2.  Control your random sampling by area or zip codes.
  3. Pick certain meetings where the outcome is known,
  4. , Don’t let people answer other, both or all.
  5. Don’t ask any thing that be quickly verified.
  6. . Stay on script or point.
  7.  Don;t allow many questions in return.
  8.  Ignore those who refuse to answer, just keep track of the number of contacts.
  9.  Don’t cover all of modern communications.
  10.  Make clear who is doing the poll.
  11.  Use of membership list.
  12. Ask about only one segment of your life.


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Degree in Accounting, minor in government. Worked as Property tax Appraiser.

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