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Logic: Antidote to Indoctrination


One of my favorite college courses was Logic 101. I had a quirky, very entertaining professor whose major premise was: No female can reason logically.

My roommate and I took the class together, determined to prove his premise false, and we succeeded. We both showed we COULD reason logically and also ended up hooked on logic puzzles.

Since all deductive reasoning starts with a premise, the first question is, does that premise make sense? When examined, the premises behind most indoctrination do not make sense and can be fairly easily refuted. Once the premise is identified as being false, the rest of the argument falls apart.

Given an acceptable premise, the next step is to examine the logical steps taken to arrive at the conclusion. Is each step based on provable fact, shaky assumptions, or pure fantasy? This analysis can destroy the credibility of any conclusions.

Since indoctrination teaches what to think rather than how to think, being able to logically analyze what is being taught protects against accepting lies as reality. Bring back logic as a basic subject in school, starting at the elementary level if possible. Modern educrats will fight this because it will unmask their indoctrination plans just like Toto pulled back the curtain and revealed the identity of the Wizard of OZ. A sound grounding in logic assists.

All of us in being able to discern fake news/propaganda from truth and helps us make better decisions in all areas of our lives. The culture manipulates us by appealing to our emotions. The antidote is logic.

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