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Liberal Lawyer Thinks Hillary Clinton Could Be in Big Legal Trouble


Liberal law professor and former darling of the left (during the George W. Bush administration) Jonathan Turley has become less popular in recent years because he’s been consistent with his criticism of both the right and the left. However, his most recent bit of punditry may make him persona non grata in Democrat circles.

During an interview on Fox News he told Martha MacCallum that from what he sees of the unfolding “Trump Dossier” scandal, Hillary Clinton could find herself in a world of legal trouble.

As you know, I’ve been very skeptical about the past Russian collusion claims as being a criminal matter, even though I supported the appointment of the special counsel after Comey was fired I’ve been cautioning and many others have that it really isn’t a crime to collude.

In the same, it wouldn’t be a crime on the Trump side to receive information on the other side from a foreign national. 

The allegations against the Clintons could potentially be criminal. It doesn’t mean that they are criminal. The $500,000 given to Bill Clinton might have been innocent. The timing might just have been horrible. But that would be a cognizable crime if a linkage was found. 

In the same way, the allegation over the dossier does involve a potential violation of federal law.

The Federal Election Commission Act requires campaigns to state a purpose for any money spent over about $200, to sort of have an item description for each of those amounts.

There isn’t an item description for this law firm for the amount of money that is being alleged to have been given to this research firm.

Oh Boy.

After all of the trouble that the Clintons have escaped over the years, can you imagine if the one that gets her a criminal conviction is a smear-job dossier that she had the Russians put together?

That would be poetic justice indeed.

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Mateus Kadesh

A right-leaning libertarian who hopes and prays that the American people remember what made our nation great.

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