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Justice for All

When you have a political party controlling the justice system of America you will have an established a shadow dictatorship.

All the bitching and moaning over Hillary Clinton’s perjury and crimes while on your payroll goes on and on giving the media network time to much ado about nothing.

Years ago we had a FBI Director who carried a little black book that contained every dirty secret on every politician in Washington.

He had so much power that he could not be kicked out of office. Today that little black book is now a Big Fat book and it is in the hands of our Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

She has, with the aid of the electronic age and the NSA, added the contents of every congressman’s closet in Washington.

This is the main reason that President Obama so easily overrides Congress and the will of the American people to do force his own will on our nation.

The majority’s protests are silenced by a media that is directed by their friends and relatives in the Obama administration.


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Gary Chambers

Retired General Contractor Author-Poet

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