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Judge Napolitano is Back on Fox News and Doubling Down on Reports that Obama was Spying on Trump!


Judge Andrew Napolitano returned from his 2-week long forced hiatus on Wednesday and he was immediately asked about the controversy that got him suspended. Show host Bill Hemmer, asked Judge Nap if he still stood by his report…

Bill Hemmer: Judge, nice to see you. You’ve had a few quiet days… You put out a story about 10 days ago. You said you were confident in the story that you reported here um in the past month. Do you still stand by it?

How did the Judge reply? Emphatically. He doubled down on his original story and said that his sources stood by their original remarks as well.

Judge Andrew Napolitano:“Yes, I do, and the sources stand by it. The American public needs to know more about this rather than less because a lot of the government’s surveillance authorities will expire in the fall, and there will be a great debate about how much authority we want the government to have to surveil us. The more the American public knows about this the more informed their and Congress’ decision will be… I think a lot more is going to come.”

It’s so nice to have Judge Napolitano back on the air!

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Matty Mattson

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