It’s Sarcasm Folks!

Donald Trump

Trump said, SARCASTICALLY, regarding endorsement of Paul Ryan in the upcoming REPUBLICAN Wisconsin PRIMARY election:  “And I’m just not quite there yet.  I’m not quite there yet.”  

1) Trump was mocking Paul Ryan.  What Trump said was a reiteration of a quote by Paul Ryan  from a couple of months ago when RYAN said he (Ryan) was not quite ready to endorse Trump.

2) McCain and Ryan are running in contested REPUBLICAN primaries in Wisconsin and Arizona, and it is no secret that Trump may indeed be supportive of the REPUBLICAN PRIMARY opponents of Ryan and McCain.

3) The media say they are quoting Trump, but they conveniently do not comment on the fact that Trump’s quote reveals that Trump’s comment is a sarcastic mockery of Ryan’s earlier quote.

4) Trump never said he was supporting a non-Republican candidate, and he was always speaking about the PRIMARY not the general election.

5) You won’t hear the complete, properly contextualized and analyzed truths about this issue from the major media. It is not “a vast conspiracy.”  It is a vast SHARED MINDSET among the political elite.

6) The average American voter does not have the time nor the temperament to investigate innuendos concerning political matters, and they still have a benign,  benighted trust in the news media.  America’s voters are, rightly, concerned about making a living, paying their bills on time, affording groceries, raising their children and hoping they have decent medical insurance.  On most political matters, voters understandably rely on the so-called experts.


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Sandy Kramer

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