It’s About the Money, Colin

Colin Kaepernick

Much is being said about the refusal of San Francisco 49er’s Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand up on the sidelines for the national anthem at the beginning of a preseason football game and his justification for his actions.  His reasons have largely been shown to be immature and out of touch with reality.  Does he have the right to his opinions?   Yes.  Can some justify his position?  He thinks he can, but that’s not the point, if you say something and others don’t like it can affect you financially.

Football team are businesses, pure and simple.  They hire and pay good wages to athletes to play in sporting events so that people will watch the games in person or on TV, buy their merchandise, and the major corporations will pay to advertise their products.  The better the rapport the athletes have with their fans and the better they play, the more the team wins, the more money they make.  The teams have to be sensitive to the market.  If anything causes sales to drop, then the teams will do whatever they must to rebuild their sales base. A player or coach who does not perform will be removed, and if a player or coach become so unpopular that it affects sales, that player or coach is going to be removed, too.  It’s called “reality.”

So Colin, go ahead, say what you want, but understand this…there is price to be paid for what you say.


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Keith Rockefeller

I am from the heartland of America, Nebraska. My family can trace its roots in American back to the 1600's, with many of my family members serving in the American Revolution and Civil War. My father was a writer for gun magazines and we went to a Baptist Church in Lincoln, so I grew up around God, guns, and football. As a younger man I trained to be a Baptist pastor and served as a pastor, staff pastor, and oversaw religious programs in a major Nebraska prison. I presently divide my time between work, raising teenagers, Civil War reenacting, and church.

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