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Internal Democratic Polling Numbers Leaked! Trump Leads?

In an unpredictable election cycle, on Wednesday the steady stream of leaked emails from the Clinton camp took an unexpected turn when John Podesta’s gmail and Apple accounts were opened using account login information from the Wikileaks email leaks. Totally separate from the Wikileaks leak, users of an online forum called 4chan used login information found while sifting through Podesta’s emails found on the Wikileak site and used that information to login into Podesta’s private Gmail and Apple accounts. An archive which documents the users process and exploration through Podesta’s email can be found here.

Before Podesta (or someone from the Hillary camp) discovered his accounts had been compromised and shut the group out, an email was discovered which indicated Democratic internal polling tells and entirely different story from the one being told by the mainstream media polls. In an emailed entitled “When Did This Happen”, the email continues,

“Our internal polling isn’t looking so good. Trump has seen a slight surge in Colorado and 2 out of 5 internal polls actually have him ahead by 2 points.” The email continues, “Outliers possibly? Our recent polling is not looking good. Recent polling is showing a huge influx when we adjust Republicans to match the Democrats and raise Independents. Why is this not…”

The email itself can be found in the image below. The most recent post-debate polling seems to agree with this latest leak as a new NBC/WSJ poll shows Hillary’s lead shrinking to only 2 points. More as this story develops and revelations from inside the Hillary campaign continue to leak to the American people.



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