Inflation is Always the Government’s Fault

inflation waste

Inflation is caused by national debt. It works like this. The government borrows money for “internal programs,” which it NEVER needs to do because, by constitution, it is authorized, and indeed required, to emit and control its own money, which it doesn’t, because the globalizers look to indent all governments and all populations within.

Then the globalizers charge interest and the governments pay debt service for that interest. But the global usurers are “generous.” They say “just print more money to cover the debt, pay us with that, and the producers will just raise their prices. See, debt costs you nothing.”

Nothing except inflation because the money now emitted to increase the prosperity of the population now goes to debt service for foreign debt instead of increasing the prosperity of the people, as it should, if there was supply and demand without government interference. But there is not.

Government increases taxes, big companies, already highly indebted, raise prices, and the lender, who created the money to indent the government and the population from the promises to pay of the government itself, risked nothing.

So all money that the lender receives for debt service leaves less for the people. The money in inflation that “increases” goes to pay the global usurers. And all the money they lend, made from promises of a future is backed by the efforts of the present and the future efforts of honest people who pay their debts. Because it is honest to pay their debts, even though the debts were based on fraud. They believe in value, the global usurers believe in fraud.

What backs money is value, not fraud. What causes inflation is fraud, not money.


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Herman Gazort

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