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Why Increased Gun Control is NOT the Answer to Orlando Massacre

Passing increased gun control legislation is merely a distraction from the real cause of the Orlando, Florida Gay bar massacre, which was really caused by homegrown Islamic Terrorist ideology.

More gun control would not have stopped the FBI from ignoring this American born Muslim shooter, even though he was complained about more than 2 times and investigated by them until they ultimately released him as not a threat worth surveillance? And more gun control would not have stopped the security firm that employed the shooter even though he was investigated by the FBI – simply the security firm the shooter worked for should not have passed the background check on this guy to employ him to carry guns.

Once employed by the security firm the shooter was allowed to carry a weapon, a special military assault weapon, that no one other than a qualified security firm and/or special forces person could ¬†buy anyway even with today’s gun laws.

You or I could not buy that weapon, which by the way was not an AR-15, which new proposed gun legislation seeks to improperly ban.

So the real cause of the Orlando massacre is tolerance of Islamic Muslims who do not assimilate and  sooner or later many of them become a terror threat to America!

If we start limiting letting more Muslims into America, we will have less of this type of violence in the future as there will be less dangerous Muslims in America who do not assimilate, and therefore less to worry about!

That is the real lesson of the Orlando shooting!


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Ernie Hernandez

More or less retired Computer Systems and Business Consultant, writer and screenwriter.

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