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In Nevada, Donald Trump Keeps on Winning!

Donald Trump…front runner for the Republican nomination…not something I ever thought I would hear myself reading.

However, his current tearing up of the caucuses implies that this is a legitimate likelihood. A man who prefers bankruptcy and a good old fashioned do’over to a balanced budget. A man who has a fuzzy connection to the mafia going back to his early ‘disco’ days. A man who generally makes an ass out of himself every time he opens his mouth. Are we seriously considering this man our best option to address the issues that face this country today? Are you? They say a third party vote is a wasted vote. I say a vote for Donald is a vote for an idiot. Don’t get me wrong, he makes for great memes and good times, and Hilary’s no better; but the truth is they are both terrible candidates. You know it and so do I. Why then are we actually considering this? For more of the same? The ruin of an economy. The destruction of a culture. The rape of a nation. This is my appeal: support the reform of the 2 party political system, vote for the best candidate not based on appearances, but by what they stand for, their platform, so we can end the popularity contest and address the leadership of our country with proper solutions.



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Lars Lamonte

Libertarian, pissed off at big government and today's party politics in general.

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