Hillary Will Finish the Job

Editorial Credit: a katz / Shutterstock.com
Editorial Credit: a katz / Shutterstock.com

If Obama hasn’t already won, Hillary will finish the job. Trump can’t unite the populist, the conservative, the libertarian and the establishment.

In some ways Trump is showing he is a novice in politics.  He captured the anti-Obama/establishment crowd. They know they don’t like what Obama has done with the help of the Republican establishment congress. They want their primary vote to count.  Many don’t have or are willing to take the time to study the issues. This could be a mute point with the current press. Experience means almost nothing. The changes Trump is making are not defined by size, put a monetary coin or dollar value on the change. Part of what Trump can do depends on his ruling style in office, executive order like Obama, or by the constitution.

The hard core No Trump conservative wants a commitment higher then what Obama and Hillary are giving. Experience and constitution are a factor along with detail.

The No Trump libertarian keys in on taxes, and more of a policy to live and let live.

The No Trump establishment could be Hillary without the corruption. Experience is a factor. We would have  Common Core. Government would continue to grow. A balanced budget could mean higher taxes to cover more spending, no tax cuts. The stand on guns and court appointments is not as clear,

Can the Republican nominee lose any of these blocks of voters and defeat Hillary with all her negatives?

Obama will continue to do damage to the country until he leaves office. Will it be too late to recover? Four years of Hillary could put the final nail in the coffin for the freedoms we have today.

Obama has given the finger to everyone who disagrees with him, Refugees are still  not vetted. They along with some illegals are carrying diseases like TB or committing  murder. The loyalty  clause has been stripped form the new citizen ceremony. He will continue to shift money as he did for security of the Department of State. He has tried to break every  voter regulation law to get more votes for the Democrats. A picture with name should not be that difficult. A picture for health care, club membership, work, drivers license, passports, and military should qualify. The address is already recorded, a letter,  a bill, a bank statement would back up the address.

After four more years the national debt will be out of control. Most pensions both public and private will be dried up. Gays will have more rights unless Sharia law is in control.  Violence will be at a degree we have never seen, even without guns. The court members will control for over fifty years.


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Degree in Accounting, minor in government. Worked as Property tax Appraiser.

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