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It was supposed to be a joke, but the light behind the mirror is revealing.

Clinton has made two critical national security gaffs in the last week, one at the 3rd debate where she revealed that America’s nuclear response takes four minutes to execute.  But the second, and much more significant, was at the Al Smith Dinner when she revealed the truth about Obama’s faith.  In making what she thought we be a joke about Trump banning Moslems exposed a truth about Obama that many of us know, but he won’t admit.  Actions speak louder than words when it comes to displaying Christian or Muslim beliefs and Obama’s actions have all been against Christian’s and for Moslems, despite his claim to be Christian.  But what Hillary said revealed the truth behind the lies;

“And if Donald does win, it will be awkward at the annual Presidents Day Photo when all the former presidents gather at the White House, and not just with Bill.  How is Barack gonna get past the Muslim ban?”

Hillary reveals Barack’s secret at the Al Smith Dinner

Barry Sotero, aka Barrack Hussein Obama, says he is a Christian, so how would the Muslim ban stop him from getting to the event?  The truth comes out that Hillary knows Barack is not a Christian, but is in fact a Moslem who keeps it hidden.  She certainly didn’t mean he would feel too awkward to attend when it is already awkward for Bill to be in attendance.  The man who actually committed the sexual assaults that Democrats tried to manufacture Trump as having committed would have no problem standing by the man he and his wife slandered and smeared.  If Trump’s Moslem ban to stop Moslems from immigrating to America without being fully vetted is put into effect why else would that prevent Obama from showing up, unless he is a Moslem who immigrated to America without being fully vetted?

Trump’s jabs at Hillary all hit home and elicited boos from the Democrats in the audience.  His mocking her “public” and “private” positions, and then mocking her for being kicked off the Watergate Commission over ethics violations asking, “How corrupt do you have to be to get kicked off the Watergate Commission” that was investigating corruption, were not well received by all of her media supporters.  He also made reference to her destruction of government emails and receiving debate questions in advance through her new DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile.  Brazile didn’t deny the WikiLeaks emails revealing her violations, but condemned Megyn Kelly for exposing it as a criminal aiding a thief in obtaining documents illegally.  The 4th Amendment will not save you in the court of public opinion, Ms. Brazile despite your charges and lies claiming to be an honorable Christian woman.

Democrat’s web of lies is coming unraveled as the election that will decide America’s future fast approaches.  Will America continue down the road to the overthrow of the Constitution and the Islamization of America by Democrats?  Or will her citizens wise up and turn away from the road to Hell?

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