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Hillary Clinton: America’s Master Criminal

Hillary Clinton should be nominated as a Master Criminal in the history books.

She has avoided arrest by the best criminal investigators in the world and not even given a parking ticket. She even got away with stealing furniture from the Whitehouse and was forgiven when she was forced to return it. I guess she would have a good defense lawyer for the crime syndicate if she hadn’t latched onto a man who became president where she was the only wife who took it out on the women that her husband committed adultery with, but I guess it would have been pretty hard getting an endorsement from a divorcee.

The media treats her like the pet dog that everyone likes to pet and always excuses the wet spots on the rug. The only bad thing about that is the smell still lingers in the air. I know you all have heard her bark, but lately she has been howling very loudly about Donald Trump.

She is now using the favorite word of today which democrats have picked up as a deadly weapon to blame anyone and everything that gets in their way.

The word racist replaced George Bush.

If this woman becomes president, my faith in the people will be broken in sorrow and I will fade away with dreams of yesterday.


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Gary Chambers

Retired General Contractor Author-Poet

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