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On Guard For Second Debate

Here are some ideas for watching the second presidential debate:

1.View everything that Hillary says from the view of: extremely careless and all that was learned since no indictment. Look at all the grants for immunity. What part the Department of Justice Be on guard in the second debate.

2. See if anything is new or just replays.

A The Kahn set up. The son of Mr. Kahn was killed in service before the refugee question and Fort Hood. Mr. Kahn is an immigration lawyer that worked to get green cards and license to drive

B. Miss Universe. People in a beauty pageant are under contract to meet certain conditions, including maintain weight.

C. Tax return. The accountant that did the 1995 return speaks out, the return was filed by code.Trump had no control but was against the war.

D. Trump helped end the birther speculation of many

E. .The apologist and no back up red line president is not a strong leader.

F. Mentioning PTSD is asking for better health services for our veterans, not a slam

3. .Trump had asked that Anderson Cooper not be a moderator.

4. See how much she agrees and wants to continue polices of Obama.


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Degree in Accounting, minor in government. Worked as Property tax Appraiser.

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