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The False Flag of Immigration Reform

In the 90s Harry Reid and a bunch of his cronies rallied against illegals coming over the border.  They did so because big Union was paying the democrats millions to keep them out of the labor force.  As Union membership fell the unions began to look at these same illegals as future members.  They were easily manipulated.  You could bus them anywhere, put a sign in their hands they couldn’t read and shove them in front of the media.  Everything changed at that point.

Fast forward 20 years and the democrats also figured a way to use the illegals much the same as they enlisted minorities in the 60s.  They viewed them as dependable votes.  All you needed to do is keep promising more and more of the working taxpayers dollars and they would continue to vote democrat.

The Republicans, being the weak kneed party they’ve become quickly felt obligated to follow.  It also helped that the Chamber of Commerce wanted these same illegals as a cheap labor force.  The same reason the Democrats rallied against them in the 90s.

So now we have no representation in Congress.  All the talk, by both parties, is  how can we better treat illegals.  There’s little mention of actual tax paying Americans.  We’re just the ones that pay the bill and, there’s fewer and fewer of us every day.  That’s why Congress’ goal now is to find ways to take more and more from those that still pay the bill.

We need to keep reminding the welfare whores who pays for all this government.  No I’m not referring to those souls out of work.  I’m referring to the whores that have been elected.  Those hired by the elected.  They now make up a majority of both the work force and unions.  It’s time to take our country back.  November should be interesting.

Doesn’t matter your ethnicity or your origin.  If you work for a living, pay taxes, you need to think long and hard.  If Hillary Clinton get elected we have all but lost this country.  She’s never works a day in her life.  Every position she’s ever held as hand delivered.  If you think your lively hood is safe because you’re a liberal, think again.  You’ll be the first to go.


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Ed Popernek

Managed in major telecommunications companies for 34 years. Now a retired constitutionalist.

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