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Everyone was Colluding with Russia… Except Trump


Conservative pundit Mark Steyn hit the nail on the head this week when he rightly pointed out that everyone seems to have been colluding with Russia during the 2016 election.

Everyone except Donald Trump, that is.

Steyn is right.

We know these things from what the national media has uncovered as the investigation into Russia collusion has advanced.

So here’s my question – where is the gung-ho media that was ready to ‘string up’ Trump a few months ago when they had no evidence that he had colluded with Russia?

Where has the media gone, now that they have REAL EVIDENCE to support accusations of collusion?

Have they disappeared simply because the person they thought had colluded was innocent?

Have they disappeared because the person that really did collude is the massively corrupt, yet coddled Hillary Clinton?

This story, more than any other in recent years, is proving the media’s corruption and their bias against Republicans and conservatives.

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Jay Guy

Jay is a regular American citizen who is tired of the American people losing to the mainstream media and Progressives.

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