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What is the impact of today’s educational system on politics as seen by the teachers and the public?  I will try to look at the subject from the view of the teacher, the parent, and society.


Is the teacher just serving themselves and maybe a union? There is no general answer to this question, but charter schools and vouchers could be the number one issue. Class size, pay and benefits can still be top considerations. Teaching credentials and licensing to keep up with changing standards are a question in some areas. Mandates like, “No Child Left Behind,” and “Common Core” have added problems. Since I have been out of school, there have been changes in: college entrance exams; discipline; multi-cultures; writing of history to remove mention of God and be politically correct; loss of respect for view of another person.

Vouchers are part of the pay question, and pay increases based on the advancement of students. The culture of the class has an impact on what the teacher can do. Income, discipline and special education mixture can slow down a class.

The mandates have caused the demise of talented and gifted programs, dumbing down the student.  They also created some discipline problems out of boredom. As side of these mandates, was an influence to put more emphasis on culture and sex education. More social engineering We now have more remedial classes at the universities because the students did not get the basics. No credit classes.

Teachers who have the welfare of the students in mind should be able to act on those feelings. Gun free zones have become death zones.  Those who have degrees in subjects that counter a political stand should be free to express that view. As long as there is no force or influence on grades, honors, or privileges, just free will of the student, a coach or teacher should be free to exercise his or her religion


I don’t know if was a matter of being unreported, but there has been more news about sexual relationships between teachers and students. A line has been crossed when this happens. A simple hug or a kiss was not sexual on the elementary level.

Patriotic and moral teaching should not be a problem with a school.  Respect of other races, and nationalities should be taught. On Mexican holidays both the American and Mexican flag should be able to be shown.  One can’t really learn about another country without mentioning the religion, but forcing the students to act like they are living under that set up is going too far. A student should be able to question the assignment if they feel it is anti-American.

Acceptance of certain life styles is probably here to stay, but forcing a student to experience that life style is wrong. This is where religious values, and safety collide with the culture. Some things are a choice between two people, fine, but don’t involve those that don’t want to be involved. Let things that are private matters remain private. Employment and most retail are not private matters.

Students who present a political view, by their own knowledge should be able to express that view, but be respectful. They need to learn to analyze and challenge, then stand firm on the facts. We don’t want our students to just be puppets. There are times when the student is ahead of the teacher or professor.


The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by


Degree in Accounting, minor in government. Worked as Property tax Appraiser.

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