Don’t Give Up on this Election Yet!

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Trump beats seventeen candidates with 35-40 per cent of the vote. The inside establishment was defeated early.  Outsiders split the vote. The primaries were not set up to handle this many candidates. There were only minimal differences on some of the issues, leaving the election to personal attacks. Trump got the votes because the people were ignored in 2010 and 2014.

Before you try to deny Trump, have an alternative picked. There are only two or three alternatives that would match or be better then Trump. Hillary or surprising replacement are the end target. Where does the alternative stand on:

1. Common Core.

2. Guns and Gun Free death zones.

3. Immigration-the wall, dual citizenship, anchor babies, refugees, guest workers.

4. Job creation-wages, benefits, energy cost, other regulations. trade policy.

5. Religious rights- separating general service and employment from private service.

6. Funding women health needs, but defunding  Planned Parenthood.

7. All court appointees.

8. Policy on terror both foreign and domestic. Recognizing the threat of Sharia law.

9.  Spending, taxes, debt.-including what was taken from dedicated funds,

10. Entitlements-Social Security, disability (under forty-quarters, dependents).

11. Keep men out of women’s restrooms and locker rooms

One doesn’t have to agree with everything to endorse,  but to sue after the endorsement doesn’t make since.

The presidential candidate as well as congressman need to know some matter are better left to the states. Cost of living is not uniform across the country. Different energy resources are available. There are  differences in the populations. All of these issues are cross race and gender.


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Degree in Accounting, minor in government. Worked as Property tax Appraiser.

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